Who we are

A project for the future.
Inspired by our girls.
To change the game.


Alice & Ambre:
a sustainable flavors workshop

REBON is the first project from our young startup Alice & Ambre Inc, a family-owned compay of sustainable pleasures and flavours.

Our mission: to recover and recycle food side-products to create healthy, tasty and natural products. We are embarking on our food venture with the waste product from beer brewing (referred to as spent grain): to turn waste into taste through delicious and healthy food products.

ALICE & AMBRE are simply the first names of the company founders’ daughters. Determined, food-loving and determined to protect of the environment, Alice and Ambre are a source of inspiration to us, every day.

Alice & Ambre … at the start of our journey to turn waste into taste and our inspiration every day

A highly motivated team

Patrick Mougin and Jean-David Camus are the co-founders of Alice & Ambre Inc.  Although the idea for the venture came to them quite naturally in 2015 as co-founders of the Maltstrom craft brewery in Notre-Dame-des-Prairies (Lanaudière), it took them several years of development, recipe trials and dozens of tests to perfect the product and launch the venture in December 2020. Since then, a small team has been put together and continues to grow.

Since then a small team gathered and grows: Cécile, Manon, Jean-Marc and Gaétan joined Patrick in St Ambroise.


Changing the world, one crispy snack at a time!

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