Savoir Faire

Sustainable know-how.
Everything is good.
Again and again


20 beers
3 kg of malted barely to recycle
7 kg of crispy crackers


Truly innovative snacks

Innovation and food recycling are at the centre of Rebon’s eco-friendly approach.

Our secret lies in innovation: we reuse the cereals from the beer brewing process. This 100% natural cereal material, rich in fibre and minerals, gives our yummy little snacks a unique taste and a satisfying crunchiness!


Our magic ingredient: recycled malted cereal

To make beer, cereals (mainly malted barley) are first immersed in a vat of hot water to extract the sugars. After filtering this sweet liquid (wort), which will be used to produce the beer, what remains in the vat is known as spent grain: malted barley grains soaked in water, along with other cereals such as oat, wheat, rice, etc., depending on the beer recipe.

Thus, the production of 1,000 litres of beer generates 300 kilograms of this food side-product, which has rarely been used until now.

At Rebon, the spent grain collected from our friends and partners at the Maltstrom Brewery in Lanaudière is immediately transported to our workshop in Saint-Ambroise de Kildare. The cereals are then immediately crushed and transformed into a paste to which we add the flavours and seasonings. From this paste, we create our Rebon crunchy snacks that are gently oven-baked, then packed, ready to be enjoyed!


Very good. Again

As well as having a delectable caramel and toasted cereal taste, malted barley is also packed with nutritional goodness: 70% dietary fibre, 20% protein, essential amino acids and minerals.

Tasty and nutritious, Rebon’s crunchy snacks are just what you need when you are feeling a little bit peckish during day. They can be enjoyed anywhere, from school to the office, from the gym to the hiking trail, and from a picnic to a cocktail party! An excellent source of fibre and iron, with no cholesterol or trans fats, oven-baked REBON is 100% pleasure and 0% guilt.

Yummy yet healthy!

We firmly believe in food that is both healthy and delicious. That’s why we use a very simple recipe to craft our crunchy snacks. 

It is based on just 3 ingredients (it’s healthy!) to which we add the seasoning (its delicious!), without the use of preservatives or artificial flavours.



A small, friendly company

Our crunchy snacks are handmade in the small farming village of Saint-Ambroise de Kildare in Lanaudière, France.  All our products are made by hand in our craft workshop, using only a few ingredients: recycled cereals from the Malstrom brewery, flour, oil, water, a little salt and spices…and a lot of love.♥